Why MGA?

MGA’s approach to meeting client goals and objectives is based on years of communications strategy experience. We ask questions, see answers and do extensive research before we begin planning a public relations or marketing campaign. Whether the campaign is about trade or a consumer issue, product service lines or product introductions, each can face critical regulations, competitive challenges and ultimately, public scrutiny. Therefore, it is imperative that an agency understands the marketplace and industry as part of the planning process.


After planning, execution is where MGA excels – in media relations, community outreach, crisis communications and all facets of the marketing and communications process. The client’s return on investment is foremost in our minds at all times. We execute the plan like it was our product or service. Under the umbrella of communications, MGA addresses a number of needs for a business or individual.


Send us an email, we’d love to hear more about you and your needs:

Strategic Public Relations and Marketing Campaign Consulting

Our objective is to establish clear pathways to success, whether you have a product, service or person you want to position to your audiences, customers and constituents.

Media Relations

With professional journalists on staff, MGA understands the impact that media relations can have on a marketing awareness campaign. We know how to package the story for broadcast and publication to multiple audiences

Graphic Design

We work with our staff to develop the visual elements to go with copywriting. Whether it is an annual report, newsletter, or collateral material, we can help.

Crisis Communications

Whenever you call… we’ll be there. Crises happen both within an organization and externally. But many more times than not, there is an opportunity to not only set an audience straight, it’s a chance to tell even more great stories about who you (or your organization) are.

Video Production

If it is a Video News Release, Satellite Media Tour, Webmercial, or a simple MPEG-2 b-roll, we can produce, write, shoot and edit for your needs. Our partnership with top-tier talent (many with current and recent production experience) allows for creativity, flexibility and resources to help you achieve your objectives.


Who is ready to speak up? We can help you take your ideas to the stage – literally. Whatever the event, we can help get the words out.

Corporate Identity

If it’s coming up with a design to better connect with your target audiences, developing a tagline for a campaign or product, we’ll listen, learn and create it for you.

Website Development and Search Engine Optimization

Taking your product to the public will likely require a presence on the internet, and we can help put those concepts toward maximum visibility with website development coupled with search engine optimization (SEO). SEO technology makes sure your site is working at a high productivity level so your click-through rate is reaching its potential.