01 Aug Torrance Memorial Medical Center is the First Hospital in LA County to Install CertaScan

Torrance Memorial Medical Center is the first hospital in Los Angeles County to use CertaScan Technologies, an innovative newborn biometric identification system. CertaScan provides added safety and security to newborns by digitally capturing high resolution footprints which can be used for precise identification in situations like abductions, lost or abandoned babies, or natural disasters. The system also takes security photos, a critical component of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children’s (NCMEC’s) Guidelines.

The system is completely safe for use on babies and mom is engaged in the process when she receives a newborn footprint certificate in the hospital. When she returns home, she can download a copy of her baby’s footprint and enhance it with different colors, fonts and borders. These benefits are provided free to moms – compliments of the hospital.

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