Positioning Molina Healthcare Going Public



Positioning Molina Healthcare Going Public


Molina Healthcare Inc. is the largest Hispanic-owned Medicaid managed care organization in the United States. The organization needed to increase positioning for growth in preparation for an Initial Public Offering (IPO). The company also wanted to increase its awareness within the five states it services.


The company had not ever established an organized public relations effort on its behalf. With the hundreds of thousands of clients (Medicaid recipients) in five states, Molina was in the confluence of thousands of positive outcomes, many of which involved patients and families who wanted to share stories of hope, how Molina physicians and caregivers helped them with care and quality care that was supported by qualitative surveys for Medicaid health plans.



With the May 2003 IPO approaching, MGA began in March utilizing physicians as credible experts to educate the public through the media (specifically Spanish language) about impacting issues such as diabetes, asthma, obesity, nutrition and fitness. MGA also performed media training for its employees on crisis issues and community outreach topics in preparation for local and national media inquiries.



Programs such as the Book Buddies program and Molina Moms Award launched and provided significant publicity.


Print stories in national newspapers (including Spanish-language outlets), business magazines, radio and television programs and public affairs programs have all enhanced Molina Healthcare Inc. among many audiences including investors, general public, government regulators and the healthcare business community.


Molina’s stock price began at $17/share during its first day on the NYSE and remained above $25/share for more than 2 years.