LADHA Office of AIDS Programs and Policy


Los Angeles County Department of Health Services Office of AIDS Programs and Policy (OAPP)

2002 HIV Testing Days media relations campaign


To educate an estimated 13,000 Angelenos who are not yet aware they are infected with HIV and who are infecting others unknowingly.


To inform Los Angeles County residents, especially communities of color, that free HIV testing and treatment (including medications) is available to them regardless of ability to pay or residency status.


The Office of AIDS Programs and Policy sponsored HIV Testing Days in L.A., June 24 – 28 in partnership with more than 80 community medical clinics to increase HIV awareness and knowledge of risk factors. The clinics provide free, anonymous and confidential HIV testing through special Health Fairs held in conjunction with National HIV Testing Day, June 27.




Developed an interview advisory detailing LA County’s latest HIV prevention campaign, “Love Responsibly,” that encourages personal responsibility and voluntary testing for HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. Contacted all print and electronic media outlets offering OAPP officials as spokespeople.


Invited print and electronic media to attend a special Sunday service at Unity Fellowship Church that addressed the alarming local HIV/AIDS issues to their predominately African-American congregation and offered free on-site HIV testing.




According to OAPP officials, 2002 HIV Testing Days media relations effort resulted in Los Angeles County’s most successful outreach campaign to date with 54 media placements from June 9 to July 21 including:


26 radio interviews, totaling 242 minutes

11 television interviews, totaling 31.5 minutes

17 print pieces, totaling 461 column inches

$788,809.02 total public relations value

11,253,046 total consumer impressions