LA Care Case Study


LA Care Case Study


L.A. Care Health Plan is the largest publicly-operated health plan, and they were in the midst of rolling out a brand refresh effort. They recognized that they didn’t have a prominent presence in the media for thought leadership and program offerings. They wanted to create more awareness around who they are, and what they do in the community, in addition to positioning their CEO as a thought leader in the midst of health care redesign.


Train executive leadership and target major, national consumer and trade media initially to create a baseline of coverage to build off of locally. Also drill down on local initiatives and efforts to build awareness in the community and use as a microcosm for the challenges and solutions faced and offered at large in the current health care climate.


In less than six months, more than fifty outlets ran or syndicated coverage of L.A. Care Health Plan. Some of the top outlets include The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Investor’s Daily Business, Fox Business News, The Hill and The Los Angeles Times.