Elixir Case Study


Elixir Case Study



Elixir Medical Corporation is an emerging player in the cardiovascular biotech industry with a particular focus on adaptive remodeling technology. Elixir contacted MGA seeking a first time public relations effort. Elixir’s goals included an increase in targeted awareness of their new DynamX stent and attracting trade media attendance for Elixir’s Symposium at the Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics (TCT) Conference in Denver. Protection of proprietary technology before the TCT unveiling was also a priority.



A pre-TCT press release was created to generate a groundswell of industry interest in DynamX without disclosing embargoed product information. Influential industry media were contacted and sent personal invites to the Elixir TCT symposium. Expert interview coaching was provided, designed to position Elixir CEO Motasim Sirhan as a thought leader within cardiovascular biotech. Following TCT, another release was distributed with product details and specifications released at the conference.



MGA secured more than 20 DynamX placements in cardiovascular and medical device publications during a 30 day period leading up to and including the TCT conference. These placements included original reports in MedGadget and Cardiovascular News, as well as a story in BioWorld MedTech featuring an interview with Elixir CEO Motasim Sirhan. Personal invites to key members of media contributed to a packed Monday night symposium at TCT.