Dr. Elisabeth Potter: Driving Regulation Change Through Advocacy and Earned Media


Situation: Women across the country have been diagnosed with a rare form of deadly cancer due to textured breast implants that were no longer deemed safe by the FDA. As women have bravely shared their personal stories and Dr. Elisabeth Potter gave her expert insight, the media took hold of this story and the lifesaving information spread like wildfire.

Methodology: The public relations and prevalent media exposure across all platforms added pressure and helped persuade the FDA to recall the textured implants.

Results: A major producer of breast implants, Allergan, stopped the sale and distribution of their textured products, amid growing links to a rare and deadly cancer. Dr. Potter was featured on programs such as CBS This Morning, NBC Nightly News, USA Today, Today Show, KVUE, and KXAN giving her professional insight on these dangerous textured implants.