Anaheim Memorial Medical Center: Miracle Baby


Anaheim Memorial Medical Center: Miracle Baby



A three-year-old girl, left alone, fell into a backyard pool. A 911-response team rushed her to the hospital where a full team of emergency room specialists warmed her body. No treatment could revive her, and with no pulse or other vital signs, the baby was pronounced dead.

While the baby’s body rested, a policeman noticed the girl moving and alerted specialists. They proceeded to revive the toddler and once her condition stabilized, transferred the child to a children’s hospital.

Once the media discovered the story, they focused an intensely negative campaign at the hospital. The family’s attorney accused the hospital of mistakes during the rescue attempt.



The hospital conducted a root cause analysis, and deduced that the emergency response team followed correct protocols. Through an idiosyncratic revitalization, the girl’s temperature increased most likely on her own and the child revived herself.

The hospital followed correct procedure and felt the media attack was unsubstantiated. The medical team that tried to revive the baby underwent counseling due to media accusations.

The hospital called on MGA to assist in their response to the media. MGA set up a one-on-one interview with the Orange County Register, the paper leading the story investigation.



The hospital responded to the media investigation citing no mistakes were made in the treatment process, and that all that could be done to revive the child took place. The hospital also expressed regret over the incident. The toddler survived, but brain damage occurred. Once the hospital issued its response, the media flurry and investigation ended.