Now you can ‘rate your physician’

23 Mar Now you can ‘rate your physician’

Now you can ‘rate your physician’ using a free, online resource – According to the California Healthcare Performance Information System (CHPI), the site measures how physicians and practice sites provide recommended medical tests and procedures for patients.

President of California Chronic Care Coalition and CHPI board member, Liz Helms said, “Access to physician information will help equip California consumers with the tools they need to make good health choices …”

The data created to rate these physicians was collected from more than 10 million patients. Patients answered questions like:

  • Are physicians meeting the highest standards for ensuring their patients are regularly screened for breast cancer?
  • How often do physicians monitor the medications their patients are taking?
  • How often do physicians provide recommended treatments?

This will change the face of healthcare and the physician-patient relationship. Physicians will work at a different standard and patients will make more educated choices on who their primary doctor will be.

Consumers will be able to search by physician name, specialty and location. This unprecedented method speaks to the stronger demand of accountability in healthcare.  Learn more by visiting the CHPI website:

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