Elect to Adopt a RePUPlican or DemoCAT

02 Nov Elect to Adopt a RePUPlican or DemoCAT

Elect to Adopt 2016

Pet-lovers can cast their ballot to vote either RePUPlican or DemoCAT in this upcoming Elect to Adopt at Pasadena Humane Society. From November 1 through November 8, voters are able to help an animal in need race to the “right house” by casting their ballot for shelter pets. Elect to Adopt changes the life of a pet in need of a loving home and helps their human companion find-a-forever-friend.

Elect to Adopt includes:

  • Reduced adoption fees for all available pets, including $30 dog adoptions, $10 cat adoptions and $5 rabbit adoptions,
  • “Meet the Candidates” pet adoption boards posted around the shelter,
  • “I Adopted” stickers for new pet adopters, and
  • “Elect to Adopt” ballots where adopters can write why they chose their new pet

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