23 Mar Now you can ‘rate your physician’

Now you can ‘rate your physician’ using a free, online resource – According to the California Healthcare Performance Information System (CHPI), the site measures how physicians and practice sites provide recommended medical tests and procedures for patients. President of California Chronic Care Coalition and CHPI...

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15 Mar Concerns of Preventive Care Remaining a Priority

Since the Affordable Care Act, there has been a rise in mammography screenings and other preventive tests for all economic classes. Michele Carpenter, breast cancer surgeon at St. Joseph Hospital, Orange, speaks on the concerns of preventive care remaining a priority due to the proposed...

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15 Mar St. Joseph Participates in No One Dies Alone Movement

The No One Dies Alone movement started back in 2001. Today, over 200 hospitals, including St. Joseph Hospital, Orange, are involved. These selfless volunteers comfort dying patients who have no loved ones present and keep them company during their last moments. Learn more at the Orange...

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